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The best careers usually begin at the craziest places. Silvio and Nadine Köhler, sang in a karaoke bar and pull the audience immediately in their spell. What began as fun and a hobby developed into a serious project. So the musicans founded the band Schattenlust (Shadowlust) end of 2012. In the summer of 2013, their first single was released, "Er verlangt nur nach Liebe" (He desires only love) before in November 2013 published the first long player "Lebenswahn" (Life delusion) with a total of 10 songs.

After many radio stations on the Internet have been added Schattenlust to their program and some music magazines reported with a story and interview, airplays followed in FM radio in Germany and Austria.

With their songs, the musicians of Schattenlust let look deep in their thoughts about life, love and friendship.The wide range, that the musicians use in their repertoire, makes it difficult to put them into a special category. If you´re listening to the songs of Schattenlust, you will be taken on a trip through the life. No cliches, but statements that listeners have still room for personal interpretations, is the motto of the electro pop duo.

After the single "Ihre Fantasie" in April 2016, the new album titled " Augenglanz", which includes a total of 11 songs and 3 bonus tracks will published on June 24th 2016.

The new album "Augenglanz" doesn´t sound so melancholy like the previous "Lebenswahn", but powerful, optimistic and the lyrics are open to interpretations. Silvio, soundmaster of Schattenlust: "We wrote also about current topics, where nobody comes by, it is not about to lift up a finger but we try to give some food for thoughts." Yes, the lyrics give food for thoughts and leave the necessary space for interpretations. The two musicians of Schattenlust say not much to their lyrics and statements, but it will be allowed to own interpretations much leeway, as they are also given.

Nadine, vocalist of Schattenlust: "For me, Augenglanz is optimistic, it sounds like moving this feeling is very clear in the song Schicksal, learn from experiences and look ahead mixed with electronic sounds and acoustic elements... on the whole album. "

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Er verlangt nur nach Liebe

Er verlangt nur nach Liebe
Schattenlust Musik


Schattenlust Musik


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