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DJ Saphire and songwriter weimaR have been working together as a successful producer and composer team for more than 10 years now. With entering the media control charts in 1998 they created a solid base for their further projects.

The co-operation with producers like Torsten Stenzel (Taucher, York, Sakin and Friends), Frank Fenslau (Culture Beat), Thomas Petersen (Soulcry) and many other artists of the music scene is not only enhancing their sound capability, it enhances also their musical background.

Regardless of which style is taken in their songs, the listener recognizes their hand writing and therefore you will not find Saphire & weimaR in the usual drawers. The base of this co-operation is in first place the love to the music, but also the appeal of the extremes affords new inspirations and help to dispose musical borders.




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