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Roby Mannarini is born in 1972 to Taranto in Italy
20 years of experience as dj, musician and musical producer, bring to important collaborations with great record houses:
Peace Bisquit, Radikal Records, Virgin, Warner Bros and a lot of others...
It creates the group House Lovers, with which it produces various song with international visibility, thanks also to the support of MTV and some specialized journalistic headings.
It currently manages a broadcast network composed by 50 FM Italy radio, it produces the chart SUBWAY HOT CHART from over two years, getting notable advertising return that bring to play in various European countries.
Partner of the more famous Web Radio in Europe: - DFR - with which it produces some programs and live djset.
Creator and manager of various digital label, among which:
Undefected, BDivision, ACT72, Poker Dust, BWG Records, Elettrika Records, Deepcontrol Records, and much others.
On active over 200 productions and remix on vinyl and digital distribution.



DMS Digital Media Service
Corso Italia 259
74121 Taranto (Italy)
Phone : +39 099 9940309
Fax : +39 099 4509448
Mail :


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