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N.i.c.o aka Nicodelux is a French Dj, producer, remixer & Label manager of Sysmik records.<br /> From an early age nicodelux already interested in electronic music by listening to Jean Michel Jarre.<br /> He was fascinated by this music, which later led to the techno style.<br /> He was 17 s and bought the first vinyls & turntables. A year later he began to mix in all the clubs and bars in the capital of Luxembourg.<br /> Soon he noticed that his was not enough to mix so he began producing tracks.<br /> It was a revelation to him. It has therefore continued to produce tracks and several<br /> Offers came to him for mixing outside Luxembourg in big European club.<br /> In 2011 he finally opened his own label under the name Sysmik Records


Brain Disturbing

Brain Disturbing


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