Artist Info

Mr.Speaker (Marc Sprecher) got introduced to Trance in 1997. Joining techno parties all over Switzerland was some kind of relief, since the daily routine as a professional software engineer is demanding. Until the end of 2009 the focus and main interest of his live was his job.

The initial change got introduced as he created his first mix CD for his car. Djing started to become his main interest and and he decided to go public in 2010. Even though Marc did not have any club-connections he managed to be invited and to perform his first public DJ booking (DJ Singleton) in August 2010. In order to become a better DJ he saw the need of producing dance tracks and started with Avid Pro Tools's Transfuser - since a friend recommended this.

After he accepted an excellent job offer in July 2011 he decided to quit Djing, but that didn’t matter because producing EDM was already his obsession. He literally started from zero, since he did not play any instruments and knew nothing about music theory. He tried to learn as much as possible from magazines, tutorials and artists that were willing to teach. He also signed up at Point Blank (Music School, London) for better insight know-how in sound design and other courses.

By optimizing his workflow he was looking for new DAWs that serves his need best. He switched from ProTools to Reason, Logic, Studio One, Ableton Live, Tracktion Waveform and finally to Cubase. Marc Sprecher was using the alter ego „Faint Response“ for his music productions between 2013 and 2018. He changed the name to „Mr.Speaker“ in 2019.



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