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MUSIC IS MY BUSINESS - this is the message of Mjoyz & Don Maxin from the center of the country. Revive together since 2008 the German hip-hop with vivid lyrics and a lightheartedness that infects.

During the years of cooperation, the sound of the musician has continued to develop. The synth-heavy hip-hop combined with natural sounds such as bass, guitar and drums can only guess roughly where things are headed. Don Maxin & Mjoyz convince with this kind of music your handset and let the sound speak their own language.

In their repertoire you can find songs high on life, confident vision of the future, but also wistful ballads and self-critical nature of the songs, or thought-provoking.




Paul Böstro
kochstraße 1a
34121 Kassel

+49(0)157 88 94 24 88


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