Artist Info

Kevin Busuttil, who produces under the name Ministry Psy, comes from the Maltese Islands and is currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since a very young age, music was a main companion, which helped in shaping his character along the journey of life.
As a young teenager, he explored the idea of designing beats and sounds on the Amiga Commodore, but it was not pursued.
In 2012 he started studying and practicing Sound Healing and the application of ancient knowledge on how sound vibrations were always present in cultures especially when it comes to Shamanism. During these later years, he had unique opportunities to assist, and work in this field, thanks to which his understanding grew deeper.
There was always resonance with the Psychedelic Arena and way of Life, which eagerly pushed him to start producing his own Psytrance, sketched by a unique melodic and high driven style.

Ministry Psy, for the last 5 years, has had at its core a drive to create for the listener, a harmonious experience, which thanks to the infusion of layered and responsive sounds, takes the listener through a deep Psychedelic journey.



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