Artist Info

Mike Tiërra (Michael Tijssen) was born in The Hague. The love for electronic music and making music started all on a very young age. When he was going for the first time to a night club he was not to find on the dance floor, but looking by the DJ' s how they are spinning the records. Not much later he bought its own dj booth and bought weekly new records by Mid Town and Rhythm Import.

It started all for Mike Tierra with techno music. In the year 2004 and 2005 he played each Friday at Flamengo's Beach Club . Also in this year he got his first big booking in Fantasy dance Theatre where he stood between the big names as Remy, Erick the man, Vincent de Wit, and many more.

Mike Tierra knows how to surprises people time on time with his technical high qualitative dj mixes. In 2010 Mike has joint the agency Passion 4 Charity. This agency has also his own events with concepts like VET, The line up, Sneakerz and a view others.

Nowadays he owns his his own record company, where he currently hosts 3 record labels such as Intergrade Records, Gizmania Records and TPC Music covering 3 different types of music genre like techno, hardstyle and dance music.






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