Artist Info

Musician, producer and live music performer. Markfender's common name is Marco Gargani. Rome based (Italy), born in 1984. I finished studies at high school and immediately started working into my father's company, that was an industrial bakery and the the best place to learn several important matters like managing, organizing, solving problem and struggling too. I never really loved that job, was unsatisfying for my creativity and my nature. I worked as employer and assistant manager for 10 years overall. The first experience as musician was playing guitar into a surf rock band, but playing in a band was boring and not my priority. I was enchanted by the power of solo production. I quickly undestood that the future of musicians it's up to their knowledge about sound and music producing. So i studied hard and walked a long way by myself that brought me to be a professional freelance producer, author of my music, mix and mastering too.
Now specialized on electronic fusion music, spending time in new sounds and atmospheres research, using analog machines, microphones and acoustic instruments.
I can express my self trough music. I need this, and I love it.



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