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Luca Altomare is an Italian guitarist, composer, producer , and educator. He has released eight single from 2016 to today, two EP, two solo albums , ZERO KILLED (2017) and PIANO RESPECT (2018) & one cover. His music has been inserted in numerous compilation. Luca began to play the guitar at the age of 14, with music teacher Giuseppe Spezzano, studying beyond the guitar, the theory and the composition. At the age of 20 years, he has attended the courses of music at C.P.M. (CENTRO PROFESSIONE MUSICA) in Milan, with different teachers, among them , Franco Mussida, Donato Begotti, Marcello Marcellini, Luca Colombo, Michele Quaini etc … Luca love writing, not only music, but also stories and poetry and at the end of 2014 a book is published: HO UN LIBRO IN TESTA, MA NON È QUESTO, collection of written stories on the Blog




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