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Music is passion, singing is a gift. For LIA, a young woman who is 25 years old, music has an attraction which hardly can be defined.

She started singing quite early by fascinating and touching her family and friends with her versatile and unique voice. Her biggest stage appearance she had in 2012 where she entertained 2000 people with a breath-taking location in the background.

Since 2011 she had produced two own songs with Nordstern-Records and also sings songs of different genres at several public and private events. Music does not only require the ability of getting the right tones and rhythms, it is more a matter of having the ability to touch the people's hearts and to show what music can trigger when you feel the song you are singing, when you hear the real sense between the lines and when you open your heart and your soul.

That is what LIA does with every word she sings. She feels and loves the music in her heart.


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