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Jean-Luc Lahaye is a french pop singer born in 1952 in Paris. He began doing shows in the restaurant where he works as a bartender. The restaurant owner, Gerard Pedron becomes producer of Jean-Luc Lahaye. Dalida, who regularly come to this restaurant, became his godmother show. In 1979, Jean-Luc Lahaye released his first record, "Pascal et Cécile". The following year, in 1980, Jean-Luc Lahaye takes a second title, "Allez viens" before releasing a third single, "C'est quand l'entr'acte." In 1981, he performed for the first time in the theater of La Potinière. In 1982, Jean-Luc Lahaye released his first album, "Appelle-moi Brando" and a second titled "Peur". In 1986, Jean-Luc Lahaye occurs in L'Olympia hall where he sings his latest tracks from his third album, "Flagrant délit de tendresse." The same year, he released his autobiography, "Cent familles" is a real bestseller. Jean-Luc Lahaye wrote the suite "Cent familles 2" a few years later. Her fourth album, "En vol", released in 1988, is barely noticed. During the 1990s, little heard of Jean-Luc Lahaye. The singer is back in 2004, when he was invited to the show "retour gagnant", which aims to revive the artists who had their heyday at some point. The career of Jean-Luc Lahaye is now revived thanks to the votes of viewers who elect as their favorite singer. A few months later, Jean-Luc Lahaye released his eighth album, "Gloria", named one of his daughters. In February 2008, Jean-Luc Lahaye released a cover album of songs of 1960-70, "Chansons que j'aime." In 2010, Jean-Luc Lahaye on tour. In 2012, he released a box set with a best of CD and CD 14 new tracks.



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