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George Lindström is a versatile German artist/musician who now lives in Switzerland. For over 30 years he has been active in various bands (e. g. as a guitarist, keyboardist, singer, lyricist, etc. ) and has contributed to many different releases. He also toured live with some bands.

With "PIONEER" the multi-talent finally releases a new (solo) album. A chill-out soundtrack with a clear, broad sound that goes deep and takes you into a spherical world of sound. The new album has its very own unmistakable style, with which it stands out musically from the usual chill-out sound of today and makes it something completely new: A Sound Art Chill-Out Experience.

The George Lindström CD/download: "Pioneer" was released in August 2018 on his Label STRÖM RECORDS (mastered by Dan Suter/echochamber in Zürich) distributed by Nova MD GmbH Germany worldwide.

His next Record will be a guitar alternative album with vocals and ambient chill out sounds, probably coming out end of 2019 as a download only.

The new album of George Lindström: Trust is a musical development to his predecessor album: Pioneer. It expands its spectrum of soundtrack-like chill-out music with alternative guitar sounds and mixes it partly with vocals. It invites us to dream and takes us on a journey into airy, light highs and dark, emotional depths. It's more open and accessible than his first album (Pioneer). Yet in Trust he retains his own original style and refines and complements it. You could say: George Lindström is back, everything is different and new, but also much more beautiful. And yet it is a typical George Lindström album with a clear harmonic sound, lots of melody and inspiring sound worlds. The new album - George Lindström: Trust will be released on STRÖM RECORDS 22.12.2019 as a download on all popular platforms (amazon, Spotify, Apple music etc. ...) worldwide.

With his new third album: George Lindström: Gravity, released on 27.09.2020, the artist has created a new masterpiece. Gravity skilfully combines the chill-out elements of his first album: Pioneer with the alternative guitar elements of his second album: Trust to an eerie dense and atmospheric soundtrack. With his unique and unmistakable style, George Lindström surprises again and again with new musical creations that are second to none. Meanwhile no longer an insider tip, his music is now available to an ever-wider audience. An intense and exciting listening experience that takes you into profound worlds of art and sound.




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