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The VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES project arises from a musical vision which aims to blend electronic, acoustic and spiritual sounds.
The songs' musical phrasing intends to refine dynamics, colours and harmony in an expressive conjunction.
The compositive style makes use of elements from Gregorian chants, counterpoint, contemporary rhythmic variations and orchestral accents.
For the generation and processing of sounds, the duo Mauro Rizzo and Livia Giovenco uses different types of synthesis (such as additive synthesis, granular synthesis, frequency modulation) as well as physical synthesizers, drum machine and groove box (the synth they prefer for their compositions is Access Virus C).
The key year for Vibrational frequencies was 2013, which saw their debut with their first album "Messages from the Cosmo Time", released by Pyramide - Irma Record (Bologna, Italy).
In May they reached an agreement with Sheeva Records (Miami, Florida) for the triple single "Investigation, Accused, Probability" (Gender Soundtrack).
Their first digital 45 - Episode One: Deva drone Kandiskji & Vision, which is to be released in August and available on the major online stores, gives life to the project of primary inspiration "Project: Gaia - Code: Planet Earth."
After having composed the whole soundtrack of a cinematographic work filmed in Spain last year, they are going to edit the final mixing and mastering by the end of the year.
Currently they compose mostly ambient, chill out, lounge and spiritual music, as well as musical comments accompanying the projection of images, movies and documentaries.



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