Artist Info

Ernst Laut was born in 1984 in Germany and startet producing music at the age of 16.
After his first successful productions he was sure that electronic music was
going to be a permanent fixture in his life. when he turned in the studies for
engineering he became acquainted with a musican called "Grell" (Tentigo Records).
With this acquaint he developed his interests in serious productions. After
a while of inspirational collaboration he released his first EP "Death By Mono"
(FFM Records) in 2009. Today he and Grell are good friends and had a collaboration
release with "Acoma Mesa" (FFM Records).

In clubs he doesn't avoid to make music live. With his turning development to styles
like IDM and deep minimal sounds, he surprises the listener with a new dimension of
electronic music. Now he is working for a big liveset in collaboration with Grell.



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