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Efimia is a young talented artist from Stuttgart, Germany. The soul kind of voice makes people with different interests of music come togehter. How often, Efimia began to love music early in her childness. Artists like Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston were her idols and were imitaded. Her singing and the special soul voice was impressing a lot people of her familiy and friends that she finally got her first tests and gigs within familiy fests. Getting older ment to get more experience for Efimia and the voice even better and more private gigs for fests and parties. A professional vocal coach developed Efimias talent the last years till a song contest in a club was being heard by DJ NEB, who was totally impressed! DJ NEB has been working with music producer Alexander Kleyman / MELLOWAVE. A partnership has begun with EFIMIA , her debut album "Musik" was released. In last years this album just hit the charts in different countries, Russia #1 German POP, UK #12 German POP. The single "Zeit" #2 in Russia German POP. In last time Efimia did some featuring English productions for A-motion Source and hit the Dance and DJ Charts with "You Won't forget & So Fly" around Europe. Efima & Mellowave workinga at the moment on the second album. Watch out for more.





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