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Dire T, a.k.a. Alessandro Tammaro (Naples, 1 August 1989), is a musician, producer, composer and DJ. Owner and Founder of Elettra Music. President of MEGAL and co-founder of Us-Topia.

Following the footsteps of his brothers Marco e Luigi (guitarist and pianist), Dire T has been interested in music since he was a kid. At 12 he began playing the electric bass, his faithful Fender Jazz that still accompanies him throughout his musical adventures. He has played in many bands including “The Kolors” and “Shanguy”.

In 2016 Dire T decides to undertake a soloist career, which allowed him to experiment more freely with synthesizers and sound design.
Collaborates with many artists: Headon, Anya Rei, Vincenzo Ciotoli, Fabio Longhi, DXXXV, Isac, Luix Bernardo, Gianni Serra, Inner & Key, Savio Buonomo, Alex Bohemien, Raf Parola, EM4N, Cristian Angelini (author of ‘Polar Station’ and ‘Heimat’) and Marco Tammaro.
It is part of various projects such as Moonage, Nu Planet, EFZOO, The Multiple Masters, Vexation Ira.
He has released music with record labels: Elettra Music, Us-Topia, MEGAL, Tächno, SUBSTRATE MUSIC, Resopal Schallware, Maintain Replay Records, Phaze Records, Ahnenerbe Records and Noise Resistance Records.



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