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Die Drogen were founded in Munich in 2008 as an indie rock band with german lyrics.

Already their first gig at a small festival in south Germany with only a few self-written songs which the band had to extend to a 90 minutes show because of never-ending encore calls, was a revelation. Their free-style appearances with a tight guitar-driven sound, fast beats and many songs ideal to roar along with created their immediate likeliness.

After self-producing a five-track EP, the band started touring around Germany and its surrounding countries as support act for artists such as Art Brut, Danko Jones and Grossstadtgeflüster.

Numerous legendary shows later, their first Album, "Jetzt im Handel" was released in 2010. The long player was produced by legendary "Die Ärzte" producer Uwe Hoffmann, who was also known for having created many records by Germany's famous "Sportfreunde Stiller". In the same year Die Drogen also released their singles "Süchtig Nach Dir", "Guten Tag" and "Du Bist Die Sonne". Their songs went on rotation at many radio stations and thus they were able to form a small international community of fans, while the band kept performin at festivals and in clubs all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Appearances at TV stations such as MTV and ZDF followed, which made the Band noticable around the German Language Region.

After the first album, Die Drogen had already written new material, but the members struggled to re-unite and commit on a selectzion for production after a break-up due to missing income and internal frictions. The members started dedicating themselves more intensively on side projects, such as movie scores and songwriting for other artists.

A reunion was not yet announced.




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