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DiamXL is an Artist who is in love with Computermusicproductions since 1994.

DiamXL's first Soundproductions with his lovely Commodore Amiga500 in the early 90´s, was verry important for the local Techno- and Musicszene.

DiamXL had some Project's with realy interesting Persons and Producers. He was working together with: Marc Acardipane, Lunatic Asylum, ATB, Cardiac Infaction, DJ Hooligan, DJ Moguai, u.a.

DiamXL is the last active Member of the Happy Hardcore and Rave Act "Rave Busterz". In the 90´s the Act "Rave Busterz" released some Maxisingles on the Label's: Sony DancePool and Planet Core Produktion/FFM.

DiamXL's first Solo-Album "The Phuture is now", was released on every important and legal Download- and Streamingshop by FUEGO Only'Online Music in 2006.

He released his first Remix-Production on beatport and junodownloads in 2015. The DiamXL Remix for Marc Larrél - City Nightlife on Velvet tunes!

Since 2015 DiamXL is the Main-Producer of his new Label Cracy-X Records.

Cracy-X Records allows you to listen to some new and old Techno-Productions straight outta phuture ;-)

It's verry important for DiamXL that we talk about Underground Techno Sounds!

Peace out!

Cracy-X Records



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