Artist Info

Since years, Daniel Grohmann aka Grober Unfug raves the turntables in Würzburg and the surounding cities. 2013 he had his first release "The Reason Why" on the EP "Serina Stories Vol. 1". Aged 20, he started producing his own Tracks, starting with House and Drum´n`Bass. He was 22 when he was first seen behind the turntables and as DJ Growman he only played Drum´n`Base. Two years later, "Grober Unfug" was "born", playing House and Minimal. While Minimal is his favorite Sound listening to, he doesn't want to produce just this one genre. His sound is outstanding, being influenced from actual sounds and feelings.

Airport - Würzburg
Club L - Würzburg
Club Ludwig - Würzburg
MS Zufriedenheit - Würzburg
Cosmopolity Club - Nürnberg
Morph Club - Bamberg
Loom - Coburg




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