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Tselane Seleke who's now known as AfriSoul P aka DJ Mopapa (Former alias name) is a skilled Producer who was born in Tigane Township near Klerksdorp, North West. He grew up listening to music and ended up developing the Love of music. He started production when he finished school in 2007 and learned some few tactics on how to compose a song. Because of the passion he had for music he didn't give up until he got what he wanted. After meeting with few legends of House music around North West he started enjoying music and became part of the DJ Industry in 2011 when he decided to play for the crowds.
AfriSoul P aka DJ Mopapa is more on Deep House, Soulful House and Afro House music. He has now released 2 EPs called Book Of House Music and The Elevation which are quiet doing well on the markets lately. He's also hoping on releasing an album before end of this year 2014, which he hopes that his audience as it grows it will agree with him and demand more from him.


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