Artist Info

After the training in a big steel company in germany, he worked a long time (about five years) at one of the biggest blast furnace.

Since 2001, Maicel Kiel worked as a web designer for some companies, too. At this time he built his own web agency specialized in web and media design as well as on (web) software architecture and development. Today he works for some agencies and at the most time in the big steel production company.

During this time, he loves to create music compositions for web- trailers and produce his own style of music for private purpose.

On May 2009, he published his first release "Chillout Response". This album is a 'response' based on his own music style and creative work.

A frew months later, on July 2009, a new maxi-single "Ping" released. This release takes a step from chillout to the progressive house style.



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