Artist Info

He began the mix with turn table in a tech house - house style quite there develleppant his first one live played in 1998 in the pedestrian streets of Montélimar - FR.

He played in different european club with the french band of dj 'the little chicken' and worked in a second time to produce his first live performance 'electric'. In 2004 & 2005, he was resident Panoramix night, a small club in outside in the south of France.

Resident during 2 years at " Zappata ( 2008-09) " in Tacheles - center of Berlin, played live and mix, he began to be maked a different live performance at the beginning of 2010 in the way to produce dance tracks, with a lot of percussion, melody and voice.

In 2010 to, he composed a first album electric with french vocal in progress at the moment (14 tracks in total). In 2011, benny take the direction 'tech house - indie' with any tracks included vocal, for a new live performance.

Benny play all tracks and vocal in live act.



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