Artist Info

Axell Intevill (Arkadiusz Niechciał) is a music producer and a DJ from Poland. From a very Young age He was interested in and fascinated by electronic music. In 2006 he and his friend Michał purchased some professional equipment, that enabled them to start learning how to mix and edit music.In 2007, after a lot of hard work and practice they performed at a big music event in their home town. They called themselves Roque & Brinkhofs. That was their first public show. Over the next few years they often played their music in various clubs and other music events.In 2011 Arek decided to try and show his work abroad. He went to the UK where he now lives in Portsmouth.He is constantly working on new material and his image. He created his own personal style which he puts into his work making it unique
Working in music business is his passion and so every positive reaction from the audience gives him lots of satisfaction and an incentive to work even harder.
Nowadays he presents his music at music events and produces tech - house music which is his favourite style.



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