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Aquinaee is an electronic music project by german producer Axel Wirtz, focussing on Deep House and Tech-House. From 1995-2002 Axel Wirtz was working for Hamburg/Germany based music labels Superstition, Poker Flat and Dessous. During that time he played as a DJ all over Germany and Europe. Intercontinental gigs in Mexico-City and Hong Kong were following, always based on his residencies at renowned Hamburg clubs UNIT and (later on) PHONODROME. His first record, S-A-S - From The Inside (in cooperation with Sören Schnakenberg), was released on Superstition Rec. in 2000. In the same year he released the 12" Tiefenrausch - Tiefenrausch I (in cooperation with Oliver Lieb) on Ellipse Rec. In 2002 Axel moved to Berlin where he worked in the major music industry for more than 10 years (Universal Music / Senior A&R Manger). In 2013 he left Berlin to Düsseldorf/Germany to focus on his own productions under his artist names Aquinaee and Synphoon amongst other music projects.

"No matter if people like my music or not - for me, every lonely hour in the studio is a fantastic one. When I produce a track, I don´t care about "the right" styles, formulas, drawers and marketing needs - I just let it flow for the fun of it and try to build something from zero, that I personally love. Music production is not my main profession, but it´s really a thing and work that makes me feel completely happy and confident. And after having finalized a new tune I send it out to the world, of course hoping that some people might disover and like it, too."


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