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APHONICO is just another name of the percussionist Arthur Drummer, it's the name he uses to show his electronic music production alter-ego.
His cornerstone it's Techno, and from there, he elegantly drives his creations to explore with mastery different territories to create his own speech very far away from the typical trends. We find reverential treatments of synths from first Detroit Techno years, Dub influence specially from the labels like Basic Channel / Chain Reaction, the relevance of minimalism of the old Plastikman, the industrial landscapes from Birmingham, the groove coming from the Napolitan rhythms, and the neatness of contemporary products like Coefficient or Asagaoaudio.
All this and much more it's hidden under the sound imaginary of APHONICO, who, through his live sets, knows how to adapt his vision to the atmosphere of the different venues, and to the needs of the public without having to give in to ridiculous concessions, and always offering tracks created and produced by himself.
This allowed him to participate in a big variety of events, sharing decks with first line artists like Surgeon, James Ruskin or Ben Sims amongst others. This "top notch" artists gave him the ability and experience needed to convert APHONICO in a safe bet for all kind of events.
His polyvalence and knowledge of the environment together with his experience and good musical preferences it's something that never go unnoticed, having published references in different labels like: Nukapa Rec, Contrart-R, Redpoint Alert Rec, Nasty Temper Records, Induxtriall Records ,KIDNAPPING Netlabel, Digital Garden Records.
Positive feedback made him to be very motivated to continue increasing his perspective of what Techno must be, understanding it like the amalgam of both dancing/not dancing electronic music which has implanted on it's gens the inheritance of Detroit Techno, so sometimes you will be able to listen him very near to the IDM and in other times you will listen sounds remembering to Joey Beltram, but in any case it will have the personality of APHONICO; obtaining a highly recognizable sound it's just thanks to talent, studio work hours and live performance hours working on different venues.


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