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26 year old, from Philippines living in hikone japan,Michael Madera as (Oxo) the main producer in band A RED AM.

Oxo is a Dancer/Choreographer, Vocalist, and a song Writer, before he came in to EDM production.

Oxo is not a musician, he is an Artist.

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AM- Ante-Meridiem..2011年11月16日

(Latin) Ante-before, A meridiam is an imaginary line running through
some point on the earth's surface connecting it to the north and south poles.
The definition of mid-day is when the sun is directly over this line.
This word takes it name from....
Dies is the Latin word for "day' (diem in the possessive case)
meri is a Latin prefix for middle
meridiem is therefore Latin for "middle of-the-day"





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