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2-O-MATIC (ex 3-O-Matic) - the diabolique two are back!
Tanja Geuder and George Walden have teamed up again with their comeback single called "Harder like Stone"!
Tanja is known as Background dancer of Haddaway, Culture Beat and DJ Bobo, lead singer of 3-O-Matic and 2 For Good.
George Walden aka "Wild Thing", known from Harold Faltermeyer's "Techno Cop" and rapper of 3-O-Matic .
Both already had two chart hits with their ultimate dance anthems "Success" (N24 in German Charts) and
"Hand in Hand" (N46 in German Charts).
Now, the two dancefloor professionals are back as 2-O-Matic.

The new single is composed by Boris Pavlovic and Thomas Hauser, known from the eurodance act B.P.M., co-written by Boris and George.
All versions and remixes are produced and arranged by the well known names in dance music like Enfortro,
Randy Norton, Mark Horner, Da Mask, BM Project and Chun Jeffrey. General release under the german label DMN Records,
which has a good traditions in dance music.




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Contact person: Krasi Krastev
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