Feiyr News

New Promo Tool: Spotify & YouTube Ads
Very often we are confronted with the question of what to do to boost sales of a release. Besides the indispensable practices of direct marketing on social media, there are now two more helpful campaign tools you should consider: Spotify & YouTube Ads.

These services are all about promoting your publication or video directly on the aforementioned platforms via an ad placement. In the case of Spotify Ads, a banner with an aud...
The Feiyr App is Here!
After an intensive development phase, we are pleased to launch the first beta version of our new Feiyr app for mobile devices.

With the browser-based application, you can now easily check the status of your publication, current Live Trends, account balance, inbox or system messages on the go. If you have physical products, you can also view your stock levels at any time. Feiyr Link-it! jobs are also available for you to share.
Feiyr x Alexa
'Voice search' is a hot topic in the music industry, because the technology, which is constantly learning by means of artificial intelligence, is considered to have great growth potential.

From now on, you can also retrieve important information regarding your Feiyr account via Amazon's voice software 'Alexa'. This includes, for example current live trends, playlists, system messages, the mailbox or curr...
Update for Feiyr Link-it!
Recently we have extended the functionality of Feiyr Link-it! and would like to briefly introduce you to the changes:

• From now on you can create your own links (e.g. to your website) with your own icon and custom call-to-action text.
• If you have also entered links to social media for the artist of ...
Spotify News: Canvas Tool & Innovations in the Pitching Process
After a long test phase, during which only selected artists had access to the canvas feature, Spotify has now unlocked the tool for our entire catalog.
A canvas is an animation or video loop with a maximum length of 8 seconds. The visualization is shown to the Spotify user when playing a title that has been provided with a canvas. The tool has proven to be very effective in increasing traffic during the test phase. The upload is done via...
Delivery Deadlines eBooks, Audiobooks, Radio Plays
Corresponding to the past years there are some deadlines provided by our partner shops for eBooks, audiobooks and radio plays regarding publishing dates during the holyday season.

04.12.2020 -- 24.12.2020
11.12.2020 -- 01.01.2021
23.12.2020 -- 15.01.2021
08.01.2020 -- 22.01.2021

During the Christmas holydays there is only limited b...