Update for Feiyr Link-it!

Recently we have extended the functionality of Feiyr Link-it! and would like to briefly introduce you to the changes:

• From now on you can create your own links (e.g. to your website) with your own icon and custom call-to-action text.
• If you have also entered links to social media for the artist of the publication, these will now be integrated via their own icons under the cover artwork. You can enter or change the social media links in the contributor management.
• Link-it!s can now also be created during the pre-sale period. As long as we get pre-sale links from the stores, they will be automatically included in Link-it! as well
• The design of Link-it! has been revised and improved again.
• The changes affect all formats distributed by us: Music, audio books, radio plays, eBooks and physical products.

Have fun sharing your content via Link-it!

If you have any questions or feedback for us, please feel free to contact support at any time.
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