Images That Stand Out - Your eBook in 3D

Images and visual vocabulary are one of the most important means of communication. As an author, you are used to creating images in your reader’s heads with words. In advertising, however, text is often not enough. Therefore we have a unique tool for you with which you can easily create a 3D image of your eBook.

There are no limits to the use of the images! You can use them for social media, your website, book bloggers, reviews, flyers, business cards and much, much more.

How does it work?

You simply log into your Feiyr account, select your eBook and a suitable background and we will provide you with the finished image and the isolated version. In the account, you will also find some examples to see how versatile the tool is.

No eBook published yet? Then start now with Feiyr and start your own success story!
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