Your Music on Facebook & Instagram

Feiyr is one of the first digital distributors that offer the delivery of music to Facebook and Instagram. The benefits for you are that in the future there will be a monetization on both social media platforms. The delivery of your tracks includes two sections:

Similar to the content ID program of YouTube Facebook will also create an audio fingerprint of your music, so it can be matched with the content that is uploaded by users. You can select or deselect this evaluation during the release process. Your existing back stock will be automatically submitted. If you don't want that you can change this in your Feiyr account in the tab Tools --> Facebook.

Audio Library
This is a database around which Facebook will develop several apps. The main purpose is to allow users to use your songs. The prime example is Lip Sync Live. During the release process, Lip Sync Live will be a separate portal which can be selected or deselected. Also, your back stock will be automatically delivered. If you don't want that, please contact our support team.

Instagram and Facebook will introduce the evaluation and monetization step by step. We recommend that you start delivering your tracks now, so you are one of the first artists to benefit from it.
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