Sell More eBooks with Online Reviews

Today we would like to introduce a new eBook promotion tool, which we created in collaboration with NetGalley.

NetGalley is an easy to use tool, which is actually a network of publishers, reviewers, media representatives, librarians, booksellers, selfpublishers, bloggers and teachers.

NetGalley supports publishers and selfpublishers with publicizing their new or not yet published eBook by giving professional readers access to digital reading copies. Afterwards, those readers can leave a valuable review on your cover and content and respectively give a recommendation for your eBook.

Through Feiyr you can benefit from the good conditions we have with NetGalley

After the completion of your campaign you receive a report about the activities as a pdf and xls-file, which can give you valuable information for your future marketing activities.

Do you also want your eBooks to get reviews? Start now with Feiyr and sell your eBooks worldwide with only a few clicks.
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