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"takeydo music." is a music label from Lippstadt/Germany which concentrates on Electro, Step and Prg.-House.

Because of the love for music, takeydo music. feels the obligation to experiment on the dancefloors, to present deep, excellent sound
with a personal touch, music with a view for the future.

The base idea for the Label and the name came relatively early, a development that came from the partnership between "TAKEYDO"
and "Phil Tyler".

The Label was made a reality by TAKEYDO in 2008.
Tracks, written and produced by themselveĀ“s without any help from other labels and through these tracks, help to inspire the puplic to party, that is there main aim.
takeydo music. is a young Label, but are passionate to write and produce a sound that is both, up to date and unmistakably "TAKEYDO and crew".

Characteristic is the Combination of Electro, simple Minimal Stuff and sometimes Trance-Elements, which creates a completly unique Style.

What awaits us in the future? More Tracks with the fascinating, unmistakable Sound.
Until then, keep your eyes and ears open and.. in the clubs..


Phil Tyler

Phil Tyler




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