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Started in October 2010 in New York City, Perfection Recordings began life as a conduit for DJ/Producers in the NYC area to release the wealth of underground music and cater to what is typically known as "the scene". Now, just a year later, Perfection is a self-contained hotbed for new talent which draws attention from DJs, punters and producers alike, both locally and internationally.

At its inception the founders of the Label decided Perfection was to be a forward thinking outlet for quality music and boldly announced that Perfection would become be a digital only Label. However this quickly changed when certain markets, namely Germany & Italy, created huge demand for Perfection releases on vinyl. With a clear mission to look towards the future of the music industry, releasing first on digital was a step to ensure that music could be released quickly and retain the freshness that the label's A&R was initially struck by.

Far from the template set out by many of Perfection's contemporaries, the Label quickly established itself as a place where artists could be themselves and write music that isn't defined by just A&R, but by one simple guideline: Quality. Subsequently the label has gone on to release music from a wide range of artists, both locally and internationally. In keeping with an ever evolving outlook, Perfection further transformed. Worldwide tour nights, Festivals and International Residencies are just the tip of the iceberg. Always ones to buck trends, the Perfection family are expanding its roster of relatively unknown talent rather than rely on the tried and tested.

The rapid deman for new releases has allowed Perfection to engender a number of subsidiary labels yet for all things deeper...all came to fruition at the outset of 2011, with the aim to cater for specific sub-genres within the now broad house and techno spectrum.


Modular Punk

Modular Punk


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