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Modis Records
 Founded 2014 We are working hard to become a respected label which is helping its artists to stay successful and is making sure, that listeners do know what they can expect from us by keeping an eye on our individual releases with a certain kind of sound. 

Modis Records has been founded by the composer/producer/DJ - Modis Chrisha. 

We do focus on electronic music, since it’s the root of our Record Label. 

Being a small label, doesn´t mean we are absolute beginners in what we do. 

Modis Records is the major label for Modis Chrisha and his releases.
More and more new artists will join forces with us in the future to provide high quality music to the world of electronic music and beyond. 

Interested in to work with us? 

Feel free to send us an email:


Modis Chrisha

Modis Chrisha



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