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HRG ATTACK the coolest eurobeat label in the world.
Established in 1987 by Claudio Accatino & Federico Rimonti, italian songwriters consistently producing hits for over years, very popular in Japan (many of them dubbed by Local Artists into the native tongue) and Europe as well.
Their works contributed to the success of several Stars who became prodigies thanks to their songs, enjoying amazingly huge successes and hundreds of thousands of copies sold.
Accatino & Rimonti can even be credited for participating to the invention of the "Japanese High-Energy" style, that is still popular today,
under the name of Eurobeat music, and thanks to young japaneses creativity who invented a dance named PARAPARA (where dancers on stage lead huge crowds of patrons in identical dance motions), it became a social phenomenon, now dancing its way into the hearts of eurobeaters all over the world, reaching legions of feverish fans.
They meet and hold Eurobeat dancing (the parapara) lessons or gather around a game machine at an arcade (or on PS) and dance to the music while one of them plays the game. Eurobeaters like dancing parapara everyone doing the same moves at once.
The "feeling of becoming one with everyone" makes the dance so appealing.
EUROBEAT music is a works of genius that makes fans want to play it forever.



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