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Bucharest Music combines the passion for electronic music with the great history and beauty of the Romanian capital. It's a brand new concenpt on the romanian market and maybe even the international one. The label comes to life in 2012 founded by 2 young artists , born and raised in Bucharest , also known as Protech Project. Bucharest Music comes forward with a strong link between arts , sounds and visuals to reveal how Bucharest looks like in more than one way. It combines several aspects of urban life and landscapes with the underground music bringing in to the public's attention the natural beauty of this great city promoting in the same time many touristic attractions , famouse streets and buildings , monuments , locals and any other particularity of Bucharest also known as the Little Paris !
The first album comes from the founders of the label and will show from the start the label's direction and it's actuall message : WE LOVE MUSIC ! WE LOVE BUCHAREST


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Protech Project


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