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RC013: Upper & Lowercase Letters

If the set language of your release is German, you should follow German grammar and spelling rules. Writing a title in all caps/lowercase is not allowed.

These are the rules applying for other languages:

English Titles: Please capitalize the first letter of each word, with the exception of: a, an, and, as, at, but, by, for, from, in, into, nor, of, off, on, onto, or, out, over, so, the, to, up, with, yet

Besides these words, the first letter of the first and last word in an English title must be capital.

Spanish/Portuguese Titles: Please capitalize all words except for a, al, da, das, de, del, do, e, el, en, la, las, los, o, para, por, um, uma, un, una, y

For every language, standard grammar rules should be followed.

Check your releases and tracks (Title/Version) to be sure they fulfill these requirements. These rules do not apply to your label name.
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