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Do you also distribute classical, pop, rock and folk music?

Yes, we sure do. Even if our exclusive partner stores look like EDM stores, in our portfolio, more than two third of all songs are classical, pop, rock and folk. We distribute all music styles.

With regards to classical music, please note that special requirements for metadata apply. We recommend to deliver releases with a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

Generally, we also recommend to contact the responsible person ( before you release classical music, so that necessary changes and adjustments can be made in advance.

For a successful delivery of your release to the stores, all necessary information should be in the metadata. A classical song should have the following standard format:

Title, Key, Catalog Number: Record Number. Tempo


Symphonies, Concertos and Sonatas:

- Symphony Nr. 5 in C-Moll, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio
- Piano Concerto Nr. 5 in F-Moll, BWV 1056: III. Presto

In the case of non-standardized repertoire:
- Drei lyrische Werke, Op. 47: No. 1, Sommer Song
- Winter Journey, D. 911: No. 24, The Hurdy-Gurdy Man


Work: "Titel of the song"
Work = consists of the title of the opera, if necessary catalog number, act, if necessary scene

- Don Giovanni, K. 527, Akt II : “Il mio tesoro intanto”
- La Traviata, Act I: "Libiamo, libiamo..."
- Falstaff, Act III, Scene 2: “Tutto nel mondo è burla”
- The flying Dutchman, Act 1, Scene 3: Duet. "Weit komm' ich her" (Dutchman, Daland)
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