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I can’t see my sales under "Music Sales".

If you're release is new on Feiyr, you have to wait at least 180 days to see your sales figures. Afterwards you will will be able to see your sales figures weekly (provided that your music is sold).

Further information:
Sales figures from 3rd portals are added on weekly basis (Mondays) to your Feiyr account. Please note that 3rd party portals always report figures with a delay of 90-120 days.
Please consider that 3rd portals are entitled to report sales figures after up to 36 months and to cancel already registered sales.

Your title was in the charts, but only low sales figures were reported?
Please consider that especially for small download shops or niche shops, only a few sales are enough to enter the sales charts. Often a handful of downloads is enough.
Also, in many download shops, the sales charts are created manually to promote their sales and are not calculated according to real actual sales numbers.
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