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How can I enable cookies?

Internet Explorer 7.0

  • Click the start button and then on the control panel.

  • Double-click Internet options.

  • Click data security.

  • Click "Advanced" in the box settings.

  • Deselect "Override automatic cookie handling".

  • Then select "Accept first-party cookies".

  • Select "Accept third-party cookies".

  • Click "Temporarily accept cookies".

  • Click Ok.

  • Click Ok again.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on "Tools".

  • Select "Options".

  • Select "Privacy".

  • Activate "Accept cookies".

  • Click "OK" to save your settings.


  • Click "Settings" in the menu.

  • Select "Security".

  • Activate "Always accept cookies" and save the settings.


  • Click "Extras" and then settings.

  • Select "Privacy" on the left hand side.

  • Please use the following settings:

    • Accept cookies

    • Normal cookies: accept all cookies.

    • Third-party cookies: Accept all.

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