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What is a lyricist?

A lyricist, also known as a songwriter, is a person who writes the lyrics for songs or musical pieces. The lyricist is responsible for writing the song lyrics and thus contributes to the artistic design and meaning of a musical work.

The role of the lyricist:
The lyricist is an important creative partner in the creation of musical works. He or she works closely with the composer, who is responsible for the musical melody and structure of the song. The lyricist interprets the music and writes appropriate words to convey the mood, message or story of the song.

Tasks of a lyricist:

  • Writing song lyrics: The main task of a lyricist is to write the song lyrics that accompany the vocals or instrumental music.

  • Developing themes and messages: The lyricist may also be involved in developing the themes and messages of the song to ensure that the song conveys a particular message or emotion.

  • Creative expression: Lyricists use their creative skills to use language, rhymes and metaphors to shape the song lyrics and find a unique form of expression.

  • Collaboration with composers: Collaboration between the lyricist and the composer is crucial to ensure that the lyrics fit well with the music and form a harmonious whole.

  • VG Musikedition and lyricists:

    VG Musikedition (Verwertungsgesellschaft Musikedition) represents the copyrights of lyricists, composers and music publishers in Germany. If a lyricist wants to publish and market his or her lyrics, the VG Musikedition could be relevant to ensure that copyrights are perceived and remunerated. VG Musikedition ensures that lyricists receive appropriate remuneration for the use of their lyrics when they are used by other artists, bands, music publishers or other users.
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