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Do I have to be a GEMA member or a member of another collective management organisation?

No. You can also distribute your songs at feiyr.com without being a member of a collective management organisation.

Worldwide collecting societies are for example:

1. GEMA (Germany)
2. PRS for Music (United Kingdom)
4. BMI (USA)
5. SACEM (France)
6 SOCAN (Canada)
7 JASRAC (Japan)
8th APRA (Australia)
9 SGAE (Spain)
10 SUISA (Switzerland)
11 AKM (Austria)
12 SIAE (Italy)
13 KODA (Denmark)
14 STIM (Sweden)
15 SACD (France)
16. SAMI (Norway)
18. BUMA (Netherlands)
19. SONA (Ireland)
20. SABAM (Belgium)
21 SPPF (France)
22 AGATA (Germany)
23 RAO (Russia)
24 ZAiKS (Poland)
25 ACUM (Israel)

Please note that this is only a selection of collective management organisations and there are other important collective management organisations worldwide.
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