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How can I publish and sell my own eBook?

Publishing and selling your own eBook at is a simple process. Here are some more detailed steps, tips and descriptions on how to successfully publish and sell your eBook:

  1. Registration: First, you need to sign up on the website. If you don't already have a Feiyr account, click on "Register" and fill in the required information.

  2. Create eBook: Once you have created a publisher and a contributor, you can create a new eBook. Click on the "Create new eBook" option and enter all the required information, such as the title, description, category and publication date. Also create a publisher and contributor. A publisher is the name under which your eBooks will be published, while a contributor is your pseudonym or real name.

  3. Upload files: Now it is time to upload the files for your eBook. You need the eBook manuscript in ePub format and an attractive cover image. Make sure that the cover is appealing and professionally designed, as it has a big influence on the readers' buying decision.

  4. Publishing and selling: After you have uploaded all the information and files, you can publish your eBook. It will now be delivered to all shop partners for potential readers to buy. Make sure you have checked all the details carefully before publishing the eBook.

  5. Earn money: Now you can earn money with your eBook. You will receive a commission for each sale. You can find the exact commission details and payment methods in your account.

  6. Promotion: The sale of your eBook depends not only on the platform it is published on, but also on the promotion you do yourself. Use your social media, website or blog to promote your eBook and reach potential readers.

If you need more information and guidance on publishing eBooks, offers a detailed video tutorial that shows you step by step how to create and publish eBooks
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