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How does a promotion campaign work?

The sampling of your music takes place after your order in a promotion database, which is accessible to editors, DJs and other interested parties, depending on the type of sampling. As soon as your order is activated, your release will be presented in the database. If an editor is interested in your music, he or she will be able to find your track in the Promotion Database and view further information such as track descriptions. There is also the possibility to offer your tracks for free download in CD quality and, depending on the type of sampling, to use them e.g. in radio, television and other media.

To find out who the recipients of a sampling are, you can view the address file for that sampling. There you will find a list of people or organisations that have access to your music and could use your release.

Sampling is an effective way to get your music in front of a wider audience and into different media.
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