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What is a BISAC genre?

BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) is a special genre classification developed by the BISG (Book Industry Study Group) and is particularly widespread in the English-speaking part of the world. It is used to classify e-books and other books into specific categories to make them easier to find and sell in various online stores, including Amazon's Kindle store.
The BISAC list includes a variety of genres, organised by subject, genre or specific category. Each genre is assigned a unique code that allows books to be accurately categorised. By being assigned to a specific BISAC genre, your eBook becomes part of this extensive list of genres.
When you publish your eBook on, you can select an appropriate BISAC genre to place your work in the correct category. This makes it easier for readers, booksellers and online shops to find and sell your book.
Please note that the exact list of BISAC genres is maintained by BISG and may change over time. It is therefore advisable to check the current list to ensure that your eBook is in the correct genre.
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