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How do I publish music and audio books/plays on Feiyr?
Publishing on Feiyr is easy and fast.

Please follow these steps to successfully complete your publishing:

  1. click on "New publication" at the top left of the menu bar.

  2. choose between music or audio book/audio pleay format and click on "create new release"

  3. create your album under "release data"

  4. individually drag and drop your music or audio files into the window and enter your track data during the upload process.

  5. Select the tracks for your music album or audio book and put them in the desired order.
    Also upload your cover artwork here (minimum size: 3000x3000 px).

  6. Double-check if the files and data of your release are correct.
    You can also select or deselect certain shop partners and countries.
    Once you have checked everything carefully, send your release to the portals.

Before you start, we recommend reading the "Refusal code legend " in the FAQs.
There you will find the most common reasons for rejections by the portals, in order to avoid mistakes right from the start.
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