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Content harmful to minors

We prohibit the publication of texts harmful to minors and discriminatory texts on our platform in order to ensure the protection of minors and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
Texts harmful to minors are texts that contain violence, hatred, discrimination, drug abuse, sexual content or other explicit or offensive content.
Please check your texts carefully, if necessary also by an independent body, before uploading your content. It is also important to note that online shops and streaming platforms may have their own policies and regulations regarding adult and discriminatory content.

We also explicitly prohibit the publication of music with right-wing extremist or discriminatory content. We stand up against all forms of discrimination and hate and work closely with online shops and streaming platforms to ensure that the music published complies with the rules and requirements of the platforms.
It is important to emphasise that values the protection of minors and compliance with laws and regulations. The regulation regarding lyrics harmful to minors and discrimination is solely for this purpose.
Feiyr does not pursue any political agenda or engage in censorship of music.
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