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Important information about pop-rock & classical music stores & audiobook stores

Please note that all of our download and streaming partners are professional online portals and only accept high-quality and professionally produced music, eBooks, and audiobooks. This applies especially to specialized pop-rock/classical/audiobook portals such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Audiobook distribution on Audible:
Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon and a platform for downloading and streaming audiobooks. With an Audible subscription, you have access to a vast library of thousands of digital audiobooks that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Please note that Audible only accepts high-quality produced audiobooks and lists them on its portal at Audible. Self-narrated or software-generated audiobooks are generally rejected.

To be successful on Audible, you need a professionally produced audiobook with error-free audio and metadata, as well as a high-quality, professionally produced audiobook cover. The specific technical requirements for an audiobook can be found in your Feyir account or in the FAQ section.

All these specialized portals require a professional and high-quality, error-free release, including professional artwork and high-quality studio recordings.

The Feiyr team wishes you success in the digital distribution of your products!
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